What is r.sands about? 

r.sands, also known as Ryan Sands, was born in the '70s in Washington, DC. You know what? Since r.sands is the one who's writing this, I'm gonna drop this whole third person thing.

As I was saying, when I was a kid, my favorite pastime was drawing. There was no shortage of inspiration because for me, the '80s was a magical time to grow up. Saturday morning & after-school cartoons, comic books and sci-fi movies (especially Star Wars...more on that later) kept my imagination running on all cylinders. Where my imagination went, my pencil and paper weren't far behind.

Mashups: Childhood, 2015. A representation on what inspired me as a child.

Mashups: Childhood, 2015. A visual representation on what inspired me as a child.

Throughout the high school and college years, my artwork took a backseat to basketball. During my last semester of college, I found myself extremely frustrated. I had no idea what kind of career I would pursue...that is, until I went to see a movie called Love Jones. It reminded me of when I was a kid, sitting in the theater, watching Luke Skywalker fight Darth Vader and secretly saying to myself that I wanted to be an actor. Love Jones challenged me to chase the dream instead of simply dreaming it. So, that's what I did.

A lot of law-enforcement roles, right? Guess I've got that look.

In 2010, having already made the move from the DMV to LA, I was going through a slow period with the acting career. I had already begun to get restless when a friend saw an old sketch that I'd done and asked me to participate I her art show. Preparing pieces for that show reignited a passion for creating art that I had ignored for a long time. I forgot how much fun it was for me to simply create whatever I imagined and get lost in that process. Since then, I've been drawing nonstop, knocking off the rust and finding my own style in the process. 

With the launch of itsrsands.com, I have an outlet for the rest of my work, which usually is based on those same things that inspired me when I was younger, such as super-heroes, sci-fi, sports, sneakers and cinema (I could have just said "movies" but I wanted to keep the whole alliteration thing going).

I was tremendously blessed to have grown up with people who recognized my gifts and supported my dreams which made chasing them so much easier. Moving forward, my goal is to do the same for the next generation. I hope that my work, whether it's a role that I play, a screenplay or book I write, or character I draw will in some way inspire a child to embrace whatever special gift that they have and express it using the perfectly unique voice that only they have. I want to inspire them to dream without limits, to fiercely believe in that dream and to create whatever that dream requires. The world would be a much better place for it.

Thanks for checking out my site. I hope you'll continue on this journey with me.



Dream. Believe. Create. Repeat.